Thursday, December 31, 2009

We Are At War With Warmongers

Cheney is just a warmonger. He is essentially saying, "We are at war with bad people." Well, I'm sorry Cheney, but bad people are going to continue to be here forever in some form or another. So, as long as you focus on intangible things such as "terrorism", you will think we are forever at war. You might as well set the threat level to RED and toss out all of the other colors for eternity. What way of life is that, really? Cheney wants the terrorists to win because he wants us to be terrified. Terrorists only win when we change our way of life to accommodate their actions.

Cheney considers us to be at war with intangible ideas such as "terrorism". Obama understands that we are at war with tangible groups such as Al Qaeda.

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